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R4I Gold 3DS Plus

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In Stock! 100% genine R4i gold 3ds plus from Selecting USPS/LA POSTE carrier, we will ship you the card from USA and EU with 3 to 7 days' Delivery.

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Timebomb without timebomb
compatibility For 2ds/3ds/new 2ds ( 3ds) XL

In Stock! 100% genine R4i gold 3ds plus from Selecting USPS/LA POSTE carrier, we will ship you the card from USA and EU with 3 to 7 days' Delivery.

R4i gold 3ds plus is the upgraded version of R4i gold 3ds plus, supports working on NDS,DSI XL, DS Lite, 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS XL and NEW 2DS XL all firmwares and regions. In the same time, it plays DS games, DS homebrews, Multimedia files and pre-flashed NTRboothax for 3DS CFW installation. So finally, you can use this card to play free DS games and 3DS games(with .CIA format).

Please note that this is a DS Mode flash card, It might work on the 3DS but it works in backwards compatibility mode, so you can only run NDS content direct from the card


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It works on all of your DSI or 3DS firmware devices, you can buy it for any console.

To use local carrier in USA and Europe, you Must choose USPS/LA POSTE/GLS shipping service.

You will get a free Magnet, a USB card reader along with the R4i gold 3ds plus card.

If payment fails, or you want to use Paypal, just email to [email protected]

The R4i gold 3ds plus comes with "D" mode, you are no need to open the flashcard if you have no plan to CFW/B9S.

Never buy it from Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, flashcards isn't allowed to sell there, your retailers will be removed very soon.


Why R4i gold plus is the best R4?

Pre-flashed NTRboothax, much easier to use for installing CFW and playing DS games again.

It can support the WOOD system, No Timebomb.

It can play All Nintendo DS games, the best compatibility.

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