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EZFlash Junior GB&GBC Fashcart for Gameboy and Gameboy Color


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EZ Flash Junior is a revolutionary new Gameboy Color & Gameboy flashcart.  It aims to be a powerful and affordable alternative from high prices cards.  Offering the highest quality and the best compatibility, the EZFlash Junior works on all Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance systems. We are the USA Official Reseller, Ship with Tracking Number to USA, Canada, Australia and so on.

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EZ-Flash, a flash cart team that first cut their teeth on the GBA and have been with us ever since, have listed the EZ-Flash Junior (aka EZ-Flash Jr.) on their website. It appears to be a flash cart for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color and is set to work with any handheld that officially* touted a GB/GBC slot, including those things with some of the third party screen mods (the extra power draw some have cause issues with some flash carts, including a few of their own). 

What does EZ Flash Junior do on GB/GBC/GBA/GBP/GBASP systems?

  1. Gameboy & Gameboy Color copy and paste.
  2. Support Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance/SP, even with backlit mods and rechargeable batteries.
  3. Instant load the game
  4. Built in Real time clock for those games that require RTC support
  5. Quick Reset to the Main Menu
  6. Supports a Maximum game size of 64Mbits
  7. Supports a Maximum save files size of 1Mbits
  8. Mapper supports:MBC1,MBC2,MBC3,MBC5
  9. System on a chip level recovery mode. This helps prevent any updates ruining or bricking the EZ Flash Junior.
  10. Supports Micro SD cards formatted in FAT32 with a 32GB Max memory card size. You can use any 4gb to 32GB microSD card
  11. Firmware and kernel are both fully upgradable.
  12. Easily Replaceable the battery when needed. The EZ Flash Junior was designed with quick and easy replaceable battery options.


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