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    $18.70 $20.70

    R4S Dongle is a new modchip released by r4i-sdhc team and it allows you to hack Nintendo switch with loading custom firmware. R4S Dongle works on Nintendo switch with all firmwares/versions(9.2.0). It supports most of NSP games and many XCI games. 

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    $47.66 $57.66

    SNES Classic Edition is limited to play only 20 SENS games, Don't worry, this new third-party Magic accessory is here for you: The Classic 2 Magic, or C2M. This device literally lets you play all your original SNES cartridges on the SNES Classic Edition. Support PayPal and credit card payment, free shipping to worldwide.

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    $49.99 $51.99

    SX Pro is the ultimate modding kit for Nintendo Switch, contains a usb dongle, a RCM jig and a os license code. It enables to boot SX OS CFW on your Switch, so you can play free games and install homebrews. The SX Pro OS v2.9.4 abover version can support Switch 9.2.0 firmware to the lowest one, but it's still working on all Switches, you can check here.

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    $54.99 $59.99

    EZ Flash Junior is a revolutionary new Gameboy Color & Gameboy flashcart.  It aims to be a powerful and affordable alternative from high prices cards.  Offering the highest quality and the best compatibility, the EZFlash Junior works on all Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance systems. We are the USA Official Reseller, Ship with Tracking Number...

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    $89.66 $94.66

    N2 Elite is a device that allows you to read and write Amiibo data to it, so that you can store all your Amiibo data onto one disc instead of carrying around hundreds of Amiibo figurines. It can work on Nintendo Switch, Wii U, NEW 3DS XL and 2DS XL machines. Your best device to emulate Amiibos with Cheat feature.

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